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Pneumatikakis J. Tolis, K. Vallianatou, F. Andreadaki, I. Andreadaki, D. Prentjas, M. Demertzis Tetrahedron Lett. Terzis, S. Amosova, A. Martynov, N. Makhaeva Eur. Makhaeva, A.

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Martynov, V. Potapov, B. Steele, I. Invited book chapter. Vallianatou, D. Frank, G. Antonopoulou, S. Georgakopoulos, E. Siapi, M. Zervou, I. Vallianatou, J. Holz, A.

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  • Advances in Organometallic Chemistry, Vol. 37.
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  • Vallianatou, I. Recent publication I. Petit, A. Loupy Tetrahedron Lett. Stangel, G.

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    Charalambidis, V. Varda, A. Charalambidis, A. Skondra Tetrahedron Lett. Recent publications Pournara, D. Kourkoumelis, S. Georgakopoulos, I. Derlat, J. Michalak, F. Organic Chromophores The application of the expertise of the group to the synthesis of organic and organometallic compounds with potential materials applications is focused in the areas of Nonlinear optical materials and Near Infrared dyes. Current interest in NIR absorbing dyes arises from their many potential applications such as: Fluorescence sensing applications for effective, fast and accurate routine analysis of biological samples.

    Few species in a biological sample matrix fluoresce in the NIR, thereby reducing their interference. This has particular importance in in vivo applications where the concentration of potentially toxic diagnostic reagents can be minimised. Detection and treatment of cancer. A non-invasive imaging technology allows the detection of tumours using NIR optical spectroscopy and molecular tumour recognition techniques while photodynamic therapy involves the activation of prelocalised chemicals with light.

    NIR dyes act as photosensitisers and thereby effect the conversion of oxygen to the reactive singlet state. In analytical chemistry, NIR dyes find potential applications as pH detectors, as well as detectors of metal ions, anions, and environmental pollutants. Applications in optical recording, thermal displays, xerography, laser printers, laser filters, etc. Arbez-Gindre, B. Steele, G. Screttas, J. Communal, W. Blau and I. Ledoux-Rak, J. Villalonga-Barber, B. Steele, V. Kovac, M.

    Villalonga-Barber, K. Vallianatou , S. Georgakopoulos, B. Steele , M. Micha-Screttas , E. Levin , N. Lemcoff, Tetrahedron , , 69 , Biologically Active Compounds Neuroprotective Stilbene Derivatives Resveratrol is well-known naturally occurring compound with anti-oxidant and other properties. Recent publications G. Skretas, A. Meligova, C. Villalonga-Barber, D. Mitsiou, M. Alexis, M. Screttas, D. Wood, J. Villalonga-Barber, A. Meligova, X. Alexi, B. Kouzinos, C. Screttas, E.

    Katsanou, M. Micha-Screttas, M. Alexis, Bioorg. Koukoulitsa, S. Durdagi, E. Siapi, C. Villalonga-Barber, X. Alexis, T. Mavromoustakos, Eur. Csonka, C. Villalonga-Barber, V. Psycharis, C. Raptopoulou and B. Steele, Polyhedron , , 34 , Recent publications K. Alexacou, A. Tenchiu Deleanu , E. Chrysina, M. Charavgi, I. Zografos, N.

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