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The mother had previously died in To this worthy couple, eight children have been born, Mrs. Anna Hanenkratt, Stephen S. Block, Charles S. In February, , Mr. Block and his wife came to Stratton, Nebraska, and there farmed until In that year they traveled by wagon to Alberta, Canada, and after one year returned, locating at Phillipsburg, Montana. Later they went to Idaho, and then to Oregon, and finally returned to Montana. It was in the spring of , that Mr.

Block came to Republic, and in the fall of that year, he located his present place. The farm is a good one, all fenced, and about one half in cultivation. He has a house, barn, young orchard, and plenty of water, and also owns some stock. Block have three children, Forest H. He was educated in the public schools and under private tuition; and has received the degrees of A. In he was a pastor in Ohio, Wyoming and California; since has been superintendent of the California anti-saloon league; and he is editor of the Searchlight, its official organ.

He is the originator of the stainless flag movement. He is the author of a work entitled The Stainless Flag. Lindenberger Chenevert; educated at University of Michigan; unmarried. Has been identified with the Detroit Wire Spring Co. Recreations: Outdoor sports. Office: Congress St. Residence: Pasadena Apts. Lindenberger Chenevert; graduate Harvard, degree of B.

Came to Detroit, Jan. EDGERTON This deceased gentleman was in his lifetime one of the most distinguished citizens of this section, and his able, faithful, and long-continued service in important official positions reflects honor upon the community in which he made his home. His prominence in political affairs is indicated by his service as Congressman; member of the Ohio State Senate; president of the Civil Service Commission, and by his election as a delegate to four national Democratic conventions, while his name was associated with numerous undertakings which have been of permanent benefit to the business interests of the country.

Edgerton came of good old English ancestry, and traced his descent from Richard Edgerton, one of the original thirty-five proprietors of Norwich, Connecticut. For a time after leaving school he edited a newspaper at his native place, but in he removed to New York City, and engaged in mercantile business. In the spring of he came to Ohio, and assumed the management of the extensive interests of the American Land Company, and the Hicks Land Company in the northwestern part of the State, establishing his office and home at Hicksville, then in Williams county. He ever afterward retained a residence there, his beautiful home being always kept ready for his occupancy, and he spent much of his time there; but in he removed to Fort Wayne, Indiana.

From that time until his attention was mainly devoted to the management of the Indiana State canals, which he leased in partnership with Hugh McCulloch and Pliny Hoogland, and at different times he was identified with various railroad interests in Indiana and Michigan, as promoter, stockholder, and director.

His abilities received early recognition among his fellow-workers in the Democratic party, and his fidelity to duty in every office fully justified their confidence in him. In , he was appointed financial agent of the State of Ohio, with an office at New York City, and this position he held until May I, From to he was a member of the Democratic National Committee, and was chairman of the sub-committee which organized the national convention in the latter year. In he was a member of a committee appointed to investigate certain frauds upon the Ohio State treasury, and he assisted in preparing an elaborate report disclosing the extent of the frauds and the names of the guilty parties.

In January, , he was chosen delegate-at-large to the national convention of his party. In he was a candidate for the post of lieutenant-governor of Indiana on the ticket with Thomas A. Hendricks, but was defeated, and in he was nominated as the "straight out" candidate for governor of that State, but he declined to run.

In November , President Cleveland appointed him as a member of the United States Civil Service Commission, and for about four years he served as chairman of that body. Throughout his life Mr. Edgerton was an earnest friend to educational progress, and for many years he served as a member of the school board at Fort Wayne, and as trustee of Purdue University at Lafayette, Indiana, and of the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Indiana, which is endowed by the general government.

His unswerving integrity in financial matters is shown by the fact that he was not a very wealthy man, notwithstanding the opportunities for gain which his official positions gave him. His business enterprises were profitable, and in the early '70's he was worth from eight hundred thousand to a million dollars, but, having made a verbal promise as security for his brother Lycurgus, who was in business in New York City, he felt compelled to meet all liabilities when the panic of brought on the failure of the latter. This took the greater portion of Mr. Edgerton's fortune, and as he was not legally bound to pay the obligations, the incident illustrates in a striking way his high sense of honor.

On February 9, , Mr.

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Soon after their marriage Mr. Edgerton brought his bride to his home in Hicksville, which had just been completed for her reception, and the first gentleman to call and offer his congratulations on their arrival was Chief Justice Waite. On January 21, , the beloved wife and mother passed to the unseen life, deeply mourned by a large circle of friends.

She was a member of the Episcopal Church and was prominent in its varied activities. Even when well advanced in years, Mr. Edgerton displayed remarkable intellectual and physical vitality, and was still actively interested in various progressive movements of the day. Source: Commemorative biographical record of northwestern Ohio Chicago: J. Defiance county, and was one of the representative and honored citizens of his community.

He was born December 3, , in Wurtemberg, Germany, but when quite young was brought to America by his mother and stepfather, being reared principally in Independence, Ohio. When about twenty-four years of age he went to Woodville, Sandusky county, where he was employed as clerk for his brother-in-law some four years. While living at that place Mr. When three years old she came to America with her parents. After their marriage Mr. Hammon continued to live in Woodville for one year, and then removed to Richland township, Defiance county, locating on a farm in Section 1, North Richland precinct, where he successfully engaged in farming until called from this life on October 30, He left to his family a good farm of one hundred and sixty acres, its well-tilled fields and neat and thrifty appearance manifesting the enterprise and industry of the owner.

He took quite an active part in all local affairs, most efficiently served his fellow citizens as township treasurer, and at the time of his death was holding the office of justice of the peace with credit to himself and to the entire satisfaction of his constituents. Religiously he was connected with the Lutheran Church, of which his wife is also a faithful member. In the family of this worthy couple were ten children, as follows: Mary C; Eva L. Fisher; George P. The family is one of the highest respectability and worth. Holgate, our subject, was a leading citizen of this section, and this volume would not be complete without an account of his effective work in developing the varied activities which mark a civilized community of the highest type.

To his energy, foresight, and public spirit many beneficial enterprises owed their success, and his career demonstrated that a man may gain a commanding place in business circles through methods which bring lasting good to the people at large. Holgate was of English descent on the paternal side, and the first ancestor of whom we have record was Dr. Holgate, a surgeon in the British army, who came to America in Colonial times, and died while in the service, his remains being buried at sea between Boston and Halifax.

Holgate had but one son, Asa, our subject's grandfather, who served as a private in the British army during the French and Indian wars, and afterward settled near Brattleboro, Vermont, where he married a daughter of Captain Kathan, a Scotchman, who owned lands for nine miles along the Connecticut river in that locality. Curtis Holgate, the father of our subject, was born at Dummerston,Vermont, August 28, , the youngest in a large family of children.

As the real estate which he might have hoped to inherit became lost to the family, he started in business life without capital, but through industry and economy he managed to save from his earnings the sum of fifteen hundred dollars by the time he was thirty-six years old. In the meantime his first wife died, and he married Miss Alvira Prentice, the daughter of a physician in northern Vermont, and soon afterward he located at Burlington, in the same state.

There he invested his funds in the construction of extensive wharves and docks, his enterprise gaining for him the title of "the Napoleon of Burlington. During this war Mr. Holgate, with others, prepared and manned a gunboat which repulsed a British vessel that had cannonaded the city, doing special damage to Mr. Holgate's house. At the close of the war he sold his docks for twenty-two thousand dollars and removed to a farm two miles south of Burlington, his real-estate holdings including at that time about eight hundred acres, a portion of which was on the other side of the lake.

He laid out the town of Port Douglas, where he built a wharf, warehouse, hotel, store, and sawmill, and he also purchased six or eight vessels for lake traffic. After a year he sold Port Douglas to a steamboat company, receiving all his expenditures, with six per cent interest, and later he disposed of his other property in the vicinity and arranged to move to the West. The journey was made in one of his own boats by way of the Northern canal, and he stopped at Troy, New York,to procure a stock of general merchandise.

He then proceeded by way of the Erie canal to Salina, New York, now a pare of the city of Syracuse, where he spent one year conducting a store and two salt works purchased soon after his arrival. His children being of an age to require better educational facilities than the locality afforded, he removed to Utica, New York, for a time, but in he came to Ohio and located at Defiance.

He was almost the first man to bring any capital to the town, and with characteristic enterprise he engaged in real-estate operations, purchasing one half of the site of Defiance and one third of the site of Napoleon. In he removed to Buffalo, New York, but in the fall of he returned to Defiance, where his death occurred January 15, He was a man of strict moral principles, and in every walk of life was governed by a high sense of honor, his sterling qualities of character winning for him the esteem of all who knew him. The subject of our sketch was born November 23, , at Burlington, Vermont, and in was graduated from Hamilton College, near Syracuse, New York, that institution six years later conferring upon him the additional degree of A.

His abilities commanded success from the start, and, while he served for some time as clerk of the court and as prosecuting attorney, his most notable professional achievements were in the line of general practice. In he was chosen to present a petition to the Legislature for the separation and organization of Defiance county, and during the following winter he went to Columbus, where he succeeded in securing the enactment desired, notwithstanding strenuous opposition from the enemies of the measure.

On his return to Defiance he received a royal reception from the citizens, who fully appreciated his efforts in their behalf. The town of Holgate was named for him by the citizens in recognition of his efforts in securing that railroad for the place. He was the prime mover in the organization of the Defiance County Agricultural Society, and for years he took upon himself all the business cares of the society, while for many years previous to his death he was president of the Merchants National Bank, and of the Defiance Manufacturing Company.

His energy and determination were irresistible when applied to the prosecution of a definite plan, all his enterprises proving successful, and his dealings characterized by unwavering integrity. He accumulated a large fortune, and at his death, which occurred August 13, , he left an estate valued at three hundred and fifty thousand dollars. As a citizen Mr. Holgate took much interest in public questions, being first a Whig and later a Republican; in religious faith he was a Presbyterian, the church at Defiance receiving from him substantial support.

In he was married to Miss Mary Hoelrich, who died June 6, He had two children: W. Holgate followed farming, also was interested in the breeding of fine trotting horses, and was an eminently honored and respected citizen. He spent much time in travel throughout the country. He died January 31, His widow, Mrs. Clark, and now resides in Defiance. Hootman was born in Jeromeville, Ohio, Sept. During his infancy his parents moved to Defiance County, Ohio, where young Hootman grew to manhood amid the forest, on the farm and in the blacksmith shop.

At seventeen years of age, he taught his first school. He attended a select school, Hicksville high school, Bryan College and Valparaiso University, graduating in two courses. His first wife bore him one child, Claudia, and after four years of married life died. He served four years as police judge of Western Springs; two years as secretary of the Board of Education of that village in Cook Co. He was pastor and evangelist at Valparaiso two years; pastor at Lowell, Ind.

Woodcock and Clyde R. His descent is traced in an unbroken line from the Danish Sea King, Hubba, who, with his brother, Hingua, and a numerous following of their people, invaded England in the year , and after conquering and devastating the country from Nottingham north to the Tyne, crossed the Humber and carried death and destruction as far south as Excesdune Aston , where, after a terrific battle with the Saxon army, under King Ethelred and Prince Alfred the Great, they were defeated and driven back to Reading. They, however, maintained themselves in England, and in , with a fleet of twenty-three ships, ravaged the coast of South Wales and Devonshire," where they landed and remained until they were at last defeated and driven back to their ships, with the death of Hubba, by Odun the Saxon.

After the final subjection of the Danes by King Alfred, the descendants and followers of Hubba and the other Danish leaders took the names of their respective kings, the termination "ard," which in the old Danish signified both "descended from" and "belonging to," being added to the name Hubba, and in the course of time the name Hubbard was indiscriminately applied as well to all those who had fought under "Hubba's Raven Banner" as to his direct descendants. As is said in a work published at New York, in , entitled "1, years of Hubbard History," from which we quote: "The name Hubba is not only very ancient in British history, but is probably of great antiquity in Asia.

The remote ancestors of Hubba the Dane came from Asia, and it is more than probable from the very valley where the ruins beneath the mounds of Abu Hubba were discovered. As might be supposed, he found that the blood of the other royal families of England, the Saxon and the Norman, had freely mingled with the vigorous blood of the Viking Hubba; and was able to trace back these other lines of ancestry to their sources.

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  8. His labors are in part preserved in a massive volume published by him, a copy of which is to be found in the rooms of the Long Island Historical Society, at Brooklyn, New York, in which appears the name of our subject, with a full account of his ancestry along the lines followed by the Chancellor. His earliest ancestor in this country was George Hubbard, who was born in England in , and is mentioned among the first settlers in Hartford,.

    Connecticut, as having taken a party from Boston, to settle there. He was given six acres of land "by courtesy of the Town, with the privilege of wood and keeping cows on the common. His real estate holdings were very extensive, and he was one of the leading men of the locality, being "highly respected and of marked integrity and fairness.

    Talyn scowled at the hushed exchange between two of his bunkmates. WAR was an anti-government organization that had sprung up against the Andarion queen and her family. And anyone found with WAR paraphernalia or with any ties to their group was summarily seized and executed. Without trial. Talyn started to remind him that he was already seventeen hours over his patrol quota for the week, but then the OOD would know that even better than Talyn did.

    As soon as he was changed, Talyn left the barracks and headed for the hangar to do preflight. When he neared his fighter, Xu cornered him. He wanted to punch the bastard so badly that it was all he could do to refrain. Think of Felicia. He finally had a reason now to stay out of the brig and off reports. Not one of them was worth the additional patrol time. And that was a precious female who finally made him feel like something more than the dirt underneath their feet.

    Seldom do they make it onto our ships. It was Mongrel-Ass until I got fed up with the giant, arrogant bastard who gave it to me. He was mocking me as usual and then made the mistake of speaking ill about my mother. I froze mid step and, without warning, took him down with one punch. Hence the name. When I go stock still, you need to run. She fed him more ice. I think I need to do a psych eval on you about that. Grinning at her playful teasing, he glanced away. Until he did recall something. Most of all, she wanted to find this female and make sure she understood in no uncertain terms that Talyn had someone in his life.

    With a jerk of her chin, she indicated the bouquets of flowers and balloons that lined the shelf in front of his window. She must really like you. Talyn rubbed his head as he struggled to remember. She usually growls out an insult if I so much as glance in her general direction.

    Or something slammed into me. Talyn explained for her. His mother crossed her arms over her chest. They were pretty sure and clear that you were hit by friendly fire. He shook his head, again. He had no idea why that bastard had such a hard-on for him. But he did. And there was nothing his mother could do. So he said nothing. All the truth would do was upset her. Especially when it involved him and his well-being. Then her guilt kicked in and Talyn hated seeing that in her eyes. His life would have been infinitely worse had she given him up.

    While Orphans with no paternal or maternal lineages were technically above his Caste in their rigid society, they were completely ineligible for the military. His role would have been that of an opinionless servant, forced into the most menial of jobs. He reached for Felicia and took her hand, too. Snorting, Talyn glanced to the door to see Erix joining them. You cry over a hangnail. With his arms crossed over his chest, Erix moved to stand at the foot of the bed so that he could scowl at Talyn. Erix scoffed. You focus on getting better.

    Talyn nodded. But as he listened to his mother and Erix talk, his memory began to slowly fill in details of his mission. Anatole was seriously abusing his power and Talyn had challenged him. Apparently, this was how the royal prick answered a legitimate invitation. Fine, bitch. Alone in his room, Talyn sneered at the news report that covered their battle against The Tavali. With seven kills, he single-handedly saved his unit and the lives of every Andarion who fought beside him. Andaria owes a tremendous debt to the royal family member.

    His link buzzed. Thinking it was his mother or Felicia checking in with him, he answered without reviewing the ID. It was Command. A file popped up on his link. The commander is currently reviewing the rest of your file to see if a demotion is in order. So again, I ask you, do you wish to submit your report and have it part of your record? Talyn ground his teeth. Minsid hell. The suicidal part of Talyn was ready to see it through, but the saner half of his brain knew better.

    He was a lack-Vest bastard. Without corroboration, no one would ever believe him. Not against a member of the royal family. The nail that stands out gets hammered down. The old Andarion proverb went through his head. And he was tired of taking those blows. You should know that when you return to duty, the commander wants you to report to his office for disciplinary action. What fresh hell is this? There was no way it could be good. I swear, you will regret the day you ever decided to don an Andarion uniform.

    End of the day, I own your sorry ass. And I intend to make you bow down to your betters and lick my boots. Talyn growled low in his throat as reality kicked him hard. Why had he bothered to stand up for someone else? In that moment, he wanted the throat of every Andarion ever born. Felicia frowned at the nurse as she left the lift and approached their station in the hallway. Her heart pounded in fear. Had he taken a turn for the worse during her absence? He takes the head off anyone who goes near him.

    The nurse went to her station and returned with a tray. She handed it to Felicia. Nearing his bed, she glanced to his monitors and cringed at what she saw there. She set the tray aside. So Talyn has the misfortune to have been born of Andarian parents and their's is a culture that values blood lines more than anything. Vain, merciless people who willingly ostracise family members when their taboos are infringed. Yes it's fair to say I hate this prejudiced world and yet our hero Talyn is proud to serve his people.

    Considered the lowest of the low due to his fathers family not accepting him Talyn has nevertheless fought his way through the ranks and as the story begins he is a Major. Trouble is his commanding officer is part of a family who hate Talyns mother and poor Talyn constantly pays the price. Yet Talyn never gives in and takes a chance to contract a "companion" named Felicia. In their society it's acceptable to "sell" yourself as long as proper rules and procedures are followed but this lonely couple quickly learn to love each other. Unfortunately due to lineage issues they will never be able to marry no matter how much they might wish to.

    Talyns commander does everything he can to tear them apart and soon Talyn finds himself a pawn in a deadly game that could overthrow the government! This book in many ways feels quite similar to the previous one. Indeed the abuse Talyn suffers seems very familiar.

    Born of Defiance

    Talyn is brave but quite brutal and I don't think he ever let's pain stop him which felt a tad unbelievable at times. His saving grace is his sweet nature when it comes to those he cares for. He has willingly suffered for his mother and then Felicia comes into his life. Felicia may be gentle but she's also bright and possessed by a fierce love for Talyn that shines through.

    I love this series and fans like myself will enjoy this story as it is laying down the groundwork for Fains story which hopefully isn't too far off now. Remember I mentioned Nykrian? Well this ties in quite nicely with his story too as his evil brother features here. So all in all this was time well spent by me even though I still detest the prejudiced Andarians. The only thing that might have improved it was Fain himself appearing but I guess the author has other ideas for him and I for one cannot wait!

    Fabulous space opera and a series that I cannot recommend highly enough I was so disappointed with this book. Absolutely, categorically cannot be read without having read the others in the series AND having a total recall of events. This book seemed to be in two distinct sections. The first, and longest, was very depressing. Talyn is a fantastic person, a great Andarion who epitomises everything the race holds dear. Yet because he is illegitimate and his father has been disowned he is the lowest of the low.

    The men of the ruling family also have it in for him so his I was so disappointed with this book. The men of the ruling family also have it in for him so his life is one long punishment with petty annoyances and restrictions not faced by others. He is so low that he is willing to pay his entire salary for a companion, something that normally only old men pay for, to at least show him some compassion - even if it is fake and she hates him.

    Instead he gets Felicia. Herself illegitimate but acknowledged, she is impressed by his gentle nature and good manners. However, nothing ever goes smoothly and Talyn suffers one humiliation after another. Demoted, punished and much much more it just goes on and on and on. Honestly I felt there was no point in reading on because I couldn't believe Talyn could survive any more.

    So much happens off-stage it is totally confusing. Also I couldn't reconcile the actions and attitudes of the Andarion soldiers. They despised Talyn and refused to allow him such simple amenities as using the communal bathrooms. Yet, towards the end view spoiler [when he saves the royal children before arresting their father hide spoiler ] the soldiers he leads suddenly will follow him anywhere.

    Either the soldiers should loath him always because of his birth or they should grudgingly learn to respect him for his behaviour but it seemed as though until the start of the book, none of the soldiers he worked with day-in and day-out had any respect for him at all. Anyway, I have loved the previous books but this one went too far. Each of the Sentella has had a story more dark and depressing than the last but this one went too far for me. Jul 05, Aly is so frigging bored rated it it was amazing Shelves: sf.

    Oh god, she so tortures them all. I'm absolutely certain that I would have appreciated the story more had it been released earlier in the series. As it is, I was not expecting it to be about characters we hadn't met before and to take place during the same time period as the first two book in the series.

    Although now I understand why it was described as a First Gen book even if it's about Second Gen characters. Talyn is an ok guy, Felicia is an ok female, but not very interesting. This book lacked the fun and comraderie of the others. There was very little snark and watching people interact with each other, which made the other books enjoyable, especially Born of Fury. Kenyon seems to have gotten away from her crutch of having people find out information about their love interest by either evesdropping or having someone tell secrets they shouldn't.

    This couple actually knew how to communicate, which was nice. There were also many, many fewer sentences that end in "that he'd ever known" or seen, or felt I'm tempted to give the book five stars just for that, because her constant use of variations of that phrase in every one of her books, over and over again was starting to drive me insane. It was basically a sort of set up for Fain's book, and I wish it had been the length of Maris and Ture's book which really should've been full length. Here's hoping that Fain's book is more along the lines of Dancer's.

    In the meantime I'll go reread that instead of Born of Defiance. May 04, Pamela AllHoney rated it really liked it Shelves: virgin-hero , virgin-heroine , dangerous-or-bad-boy , sci-fi-romance , loc-outer-space-other-universe , reading-challenge , military-or-ex-military , the-habanero-shelf , library-book , blue-collar. The eighth addition to The League series by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Talyn Batur is of the lowest class of Andarions. His mother never married his father and his father's family refused to acknowledge him.

    His father is an Outcast. He was disinherited and banished. Still Talyn managed to join the military, like his mother. But Talyn is lonely and can never marry so he decides to hire a companion, Felicia Orfanos. Felicia's parents never married either but her father acknowledged her so she is in a high The eighth addition to The League series by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Felicia's parents never married either but her father acknowledged her so she is in a higher class than Talyn.

    She is currently attending medical school and hopes becoming a companion will help pay for it. Boy, Sherrilyn Kenyon really knows how to make a hero suffer! Loved it! Personally, I think this book should be read after the first book in the series Born of Night since it takes place during the same timeline. In fact, I wish I had done a reread of it before starting this. But I did remember enough that the story didn't get confusing or anything. I highly recommend this series to SciFi Romance lovers everywhere! Enjoyed Talyn and Felicia's story. Even though it wasn't a story about one of the members of the Sentella or anyone else we already know, I still enjoyed it.

    Poor Talyn and Felicia. Glad Talyn got to become a Commander though. Hope Fain knows about him soon. Liked seeing some members of the Sentella there and Talyn's mother, Galene Batur. Also liked seeing how Nykyrian's mother got on the throne and how the army helped. Can't wait to read Born of Betrayal!!! Boy, Talyn sure hasn't had an easy life.

    I loved that he didn't let it make him mean, but hated how he had to turn his back again and again on those that hurt him. I hated how grateful Talyn was for even the smallest kindness, those should have been common place, not the exception. I really liked how Felicia brought out the best in Talyn and was glad that she allowed herself to fall for Talyn. The last half of the book was so different from the first, more battle than love story, but it fit with Boy, Talyn sure hasn't had an easy life.

    The last half of the book was so different from the first, more battle than love story, but it fit with the story. I loved how Talyn finally found allies who helped him do what was needed to do for the good of his people. While he still doesn't have the status he should by the end of the book, he is in the best spot possible and is happy. Aug 02, Eva Millien rated it it was amazing. Talyn Batur is torn between loyalty to the planetary government and his own beliefs of justice and right and his decision is a gamble that will save his life or end it in this pulse pounding sci-fi romance.

    Jul 02, Colleen rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , adult , sci-fi. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I loved this book it puts together pieces missing in Born of Night. Yes, it goes back that far. I can't wait for Fain's book! I can't wait for this book! Fain's son. Oh man dreamy! He has serious daddy issues and just who can blame him? Not me. In Fain's defense he didn't know but still he damn well knew he slept with a virgin so he should've at least asked. I've only read a little bit of the book at the end of Son of No One but I already like him.

    May 28, Anna rated it it was amazing Shelves: reviews , scifi-romance. Talyn and Felicia's story is heart wrenching but at the same time beautiful. The love between the two came pretty fast, but it worked well. As many Kenyon books I've read I'm still in awe of the amazing characters she creates. But it was captivating and addicting. Haven't missed a book since. Born of Defiance is intense, sexy and many times sweet.

    A must read in my book. Born of Defiance is narrated Loved it! Born of Defiance is narrated by Fred Berman. As ever he does an amazing job bring the story and characters alive. Sep 22, Helena rated it it was amazing. I loved this book, it brings back some memories of "Born of night", because it happens in paralel, which I found interesting.. Sometimez we have to go back, to go forward. I cant wait for the next one, Fain's book, now that we know his son, Talyn, I look forward to seeing how their relationship will evolve and how will Fain conquer back Galene. Jun 11, Megzy rated it really liked it Shelves: science-fiction-aliens.

    This is another fine example why Sherrilyn's books are an automatic buy for me. I truly enjoyed it. I loved learning more about Janie and her hubby. Loved both main characters. They were very likable and acted their age. I can't wait for Fain to get his arse handed back to him by Galene and maybe his pretty face can meet the iron hammer's fist a few times too! Jul 30, Sara Kate rated it really liked it Shelves: to-read-pnr-uf , audios.

    Love this series a lot. I like how this was set in the past a bit and we got to relive a little from the first book with Nykyrian and Kiara first met and the Andarians still thought he died as a young boy.


    Loved how Talyn was like a fierce huge teddy bear. Can't wait for the next one.

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    7. Extremely predictable story, and yet it was a very satisfying read. Talyn is the classic Kenyon hero, tortured, recluse, universally feared and a bit of a brute, albeit with a heart of gold, while Felicia is beautiful, sweet, with a backbone made of steel. Those two get through the grinder and although they fall in love pretty easily, the problems and enemies they face are non ending, keeping the reader on her toes.

      Runs almost parallel with Nykyrian's story, which started re reading right away.

      Reward Yourself

      Jul 11, Shiran rated it liked it Shelves: sherrilyn-kenyon , romance , series , sci-fi. I have to say I was a bit disappointed by this book.

      It wasn't a bad book at all, in fact it was quite an enjoyable story for the most part, but I really felt like it added nothing to the series and left me feeling a little lost. This book takes us back in time and pretty much parallel's Nyk's book which was the first book in the series. It follows the story of Talyn Batur who connects with the rest of the series as Fain's son.

      Thomas Kent state funeral: Overdue accolade for life of defiance

      Explaining my rating When I first saw the synopsis of this book my I have to say I was a bit disappointed by this book. Explaining my rating When I first saw the synopsis of this book my first thought was who the hell is Talyn and why is he getting a book when there are so many amazing characters who's story I have to know? But I love SK and I know she would never lead me astray, so I went on her site and got excited when she explains that this book needed to be told because it would give info on the Tavali, Jayne's secrets and Nero's background, as well as a lot about the Andarions.

      But after reading this book, I feel like all the key info could have been included in Fain's book. But I haven't read Fain's book yet, so I can't say whether this book was necessary or not yet Though I still feel a little robbed by this story, I really wanted to read more about the characters I have grown to love and a completely new character felt a little sucky. I also didn't like that we didn't get much about Fain's part in this book, in fact he never even features except as a name drop I kept waiting for the Fain I love and know to show up and explain everything.

      This book made him seem like an asshole and that bothered me. Stepping away from the series Talyn is an amazing character, I love how powerful and compassionate he is. It was quite difficult to picture him as the young man he is, and it's hard to associate him as Fain's son in terms of age. The fighting was great to read about and I really enjoyed how Felicia and Talyn meet and get together.