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The authors do not currently sell the book directly. What is wxWidgets, and why use it? A brief history; the wxWidgets community; the license; wxWidgets ports and architecture explained. A small wxWidgets sample: the application class; the main window; the event table; an outline of program flow. Event tables and handlers; how a button click is processed; skipping events; pluggable and dynamic event handlers; defining custom events; window identifiers. The main features of a window explained; a quick guide to the commonest window classes; base window classes such as wxWindow; top-level windows; container windows; non-static controls; static controls; menus; control bars.

Device context principles; the main device context classes described; buffered drawing; drawing tools; device context drawing functions; using the printing framework; 3D graphics with wxGLCanvas. Handling mouse and mouse wheel events; handling keyboard events; keycodes; modifier key variations; accelerators; handling joystick events.

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Layout basics; sizers introduced; common features of sizers; programming with sizers. For example, if one chapter concentrates on writing multithreaded applications, another covers the wxWidget classes that can be used to implement drag and drop functionality in your applications.

Cross Platform Graphical User Interfaces in C++

Would you like to create a wizard like you see in some GUI setup installers? No problem, you can do it easily by using the wxWizard class which is explained in 12th chapter by name "Advanced Window Classes" in the book. In the last chapter, the authors dwells on the design guidelines that are to be followed while creating GUI applications. The book even boasts of a remarkable eleven appendixes tagged A to K, which ties up the threads of nitty-gritty details like installing the wxWidgets library on your PC running Linux, Windows or OSX prior to starting to write code for your programs.

The interesting thing about all this is that it works very well on the Linux platform.

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This book is the result of the work of three people who are experts in their respective fields. They are Cross-Platform GUI Programming with wxWidgets aims to be a definitive guide for application developers hoping to use wxWidgets library in their projects. This book covers almost all the classes of the wxWidgets library and can be used not only by beginners who want to program using wxWidgets but also acts as a reference for experienced programmers.

All in all a book worthy of a place in the book shelf of a programmer looking forward to developing applications using wxWidgets.

Cross-Platform GUI Programming with Wxwidgets

Several well known and big applications have switched to Qt due to the problems of wxWidgets [ clarification needed ] :. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article relies too much on references to primary sources. Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources.

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Main article: List of language bindings for wxWidgets. See also: Category:Software that uses wxWidgets. See also: Category:Software that was ported from wxWidgets to Qt. Free and open-source software portal.

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Retrieved Retrieved 31 January The wxWindows Licence is essentially the LGPL, with an exception stating that derived works in binary form may be distributed on the user's own terms. Open Source Initiative.

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