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The Underworld usually isn't really meant to be a fun place--but tell that to Hades! And when Zeus and his fellow Olympians encounter Cerberus--a snarling, three-headed dog--Hades must conquer his fears and tame the hound so everyone can continue into the Underworld and deposit their Titan prisoner, Oceanus, back where he belongs! But with magical water that causes forgetfulness, hot beds of lava, and another epic battle with two more Titans standing in their way, will Zeus and his heroes make it out of the Underworld with everyone intact?.

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Joan Holub ; Suzanne Williams. Publisher: Aladdin , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title The Heroes in Training are entering the Underworld—if Hades can conquer his canine fears, that is. All rights reserved. A river wound like a snake through the gloomy valley below. It was all that stood between them and their goal—the Underworld. Zeus sniffed the air, then wrinkled his nose.

What is that stinky smell? Maybe the sign was written wrong, thought Zeus. Hades gazed happily at the river. I think that oracle is crazy. They were supposed to find the Helm of Darkness. Whatever that was. She always seemed to expect them to figure these things out on their own. I wasn't sure about the goddess books, but this one sounds great!

Okay, you know I want to try this one as much as I want the girl series! I want them all!!!

Heroes in Training #15: Zeus and the Dreadful Dragon

I can't wait to share the Special one with my niece. Her birthday is the day before mine so she's very special to me and the last grandchild in our family. Knowing how ungirly she is, she'd like this one better. She wore a Spiderman costume and pink rain boots to dinner at a restaurant on Christmas ever!! Heather Oh enter me!

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You know I follow you as Buried in Books hroseatgmaildotcom. This book sounds great. Thanks for the chance. I'm so happy to hear you review this one as highly as the GG books! I love the GG books and have such high hopes for these. I have a bunch of younger boys in my library who I think would really enjoy what Joan and Suzanne do with retelling myths, but I never would have been able to get them to read GIRL books :P Glad there's an option for them now! This book sounds great and it reminds me of The Lightning Thief.

Please enter me. Thanks so much for your lovely comments! In the Hammock Blog. The terrible Titans—merciless giants who enjoy snacking on humans—have dominated the earth and put the world into chaos. But their rule is about to be put to the test as a group of young Olympians discover their powers and prepare to righteously rule the universe Ten-year-old Zeus is mystified and super-annoyed by the fact that he keeps getting hit by lightening.

He also longs for adventure, as he has never been far from the cave where he grew up. Zeus gets his wish—and a lot more than he bargained for—when he is kidnapped by dangerous, giant Titans!

In self-defense, Zeus grabs the first thing he sees—an actual thunderbolt he pulls from a stone that is covered in mysterious markings. Zeus is the only one who can decipher the markings, and sets off on a quest to rescue his fellow Olympians from the evil Cronus. Armed with his trusty thunderbolt named Bolt, of course , Zeus is on an adventure of a lifetime—and a journey to fulfill his destiny as King of the Gods. My Review: This is the first book in the brand new Heroes in Training series by the authors of the Goddess Girls books! This time, the books focus on the boy gods.

The two series aren't related, so we aren't reading about the same Zeus and Poseidon as we see in the Goddess Girls books. I think this book gets the series off to a great start. Lots of fun and adventure with great characters!

Heroes in Training (2017 Primary Devotional)

It turns out Zeus wasn't always the all-powerful leader of the gods that we know about. He was a somewhat awkward tween boy on an adventure, hardly knowing what he was doing. This is a completely new spin on Zeus, I've never seen him like this before. It's really refreshing and realistic at the same time. The authors do a great job of modernizing his story to make it accessible to today's young audience, while still teaching the basic legendary stories.

The illustrations are great and they add a bit of a comic book or graphic novel feel to the book. My favorite part of the book was Zeus' thunderbolt, Bolt. Bolt had his own personality even though he didn't speak.

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He was so cute, almost like a pet. I really enjoyed reading about their adventures together. Another great character was the Oracle.