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He also was capable of working out a careful puzzle plot with clues to point the reader in the right or more often, the wrong direction.

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Which was a real shame, as I really enjoyed the earlier books. The fact that the dons are not portrayed as being in the wrong is inexcusable. But with reservations about bits of it…. Like Like. Yes, it is a clever, well-clued mystery despite the sordidness. However, the TV episode is much sanitised as well as simplified. Morse is very unlucky in his love affair here. The seedier aspects were sensibly removed from the TV version, though in my reading I always felt that Dexter was in fact being critical of this point of view and not endorsing it. In a way it balances out, the often and artificial and frankly preposterous but very clever plots — or I think is at least meant to.

When you say such things are inexcusable, well, context does provide a rationale and I think, 40 years hence, one has to acknowledge that especially as Mr Dexter is still with us after all. Just read a book from the mid 80s by Ed McBain that has a big plot about tape and violence against women which, despite all the best of liberal intentions from the author, still to me felt exploitative …. A point well made. But I can only comment about how it makes me feel reading it now.

When I first read the book ish , they completely went un-noticed by the younger me. We get it! You love crosswords!

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So do I! Now stop giving all your characters preposterous lines to prove it.

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Hill also clearly has a deep love of language Exhibit A: Dialogues of the Dead , but I think he employs it in his novels in a much more interesting way. Stay tuned. Very odd […]. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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  • You are commenting using your Google account. He admits to waiting for her on the night of her murder but found her dead.

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    It turns out he interfered with the body but did not murder her. Inspector Morse discovers the lift was offered in a red car and guesses various bits of information about the owner. His discoveries lead him to calculate the chances of finding a red car in North Oxford which meets all the criteria. There is only one, and it belongs to Bernard Crowther, a don at the university who lives on Southdown Road.

    Crowther admits that, although married, he is having an affair with another woman. He admits giving a lift to two women and dropping them in Woodstock while on the way to meet his mistress. Crowther's wife kills herself, mistakenly thinking that her husband is the murderer; Crowther himself dies shortly afterwards from a heart attack, thinking that she is the killer. Crowther had dropped her off and had sex with Sylvia.

    Widdowson became insanely jealous, crept up behind Sylvia in the car, and hit her on the back of the head with a tyre lever lying in the car park. A further complication involves Jennifer Coleby who worked with Sylvia in an insurance office. Jennifer is having an affair with her boss, Palmer, and shares a flat with Sue Widdowson. Crowther types coded messages to a girlfriend who proves to be Widdowson.

    He leaves the messages with Coleby at her work, and she delivers them to Widdowson. This is the first Inspector Morse novel, and is more carefully plotted than many subsequent books in the series.

    Last Bus To Woodstock by Colin Dexter

    The reader is not deliberately led astray. Sitting in the kitchen on a rainy Saturday afternoon he committed to paper a few paragraphs regarding a detective named Morse. Knowing where it would be set, Oxford , and how the story would end, he spent the next 18 months writing the novel.

    The novel was adapted for television as part of Inspector Morse and was first aired on 22 March The book was first dramatised as a radio play by the BBC on Radio 4 in