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Attendees can ask me questions about the material in the chat window and I might drop a horrible joke or two during the session. Each webinar is limited to 50 attendees.

Microsoft Excel Training Courses

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I promise you the form is really there! The files below are the ones I used in the webinar. You can download them to follow along. If you are in the habit of using PowerPoint or Visio to create hierarchies and other data driven images, you will love this lesson.

3 Simple Tips to Quickly Master Complex Spreadsheets in Excel

If […]. This macro lesson focuses on how to write macros that update and alter charts in Excel. Welcome to yet another Excel lesson! This lesson is a bit longer than the rest of the series because this is a hefty topic. These topics make Excel shine…like seriously. Welcome to another lesson in the Mastering Excel series. This lesson focuses on data tables. No, not the pretty tables that have banded rows, those are tables. Data tables are a feature of Excel that let you analyze multiple variables simultaneously and see the interactions between them.

If you want […]. This lesson focuses on the fabled array formulas. Seriously complex and only geniuses can even attempt to deal with them? They are just formulas!

The Road to Excel-lence

Yeah, they look funky and can get complex but the same applies to normal formulas. No […].

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  4. Hi, Mark here with more follow along workbooks for an Excel lesson. This lesson covers Spreadsheet Inquire. Inquire is an add-on that was developed by Microsoft which helps you audit and analyze Excel workbooks. Also, you will need to […].

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    8. I got the joke backwards in my last email! What did the sushi say to the bee? So, as advised by user TuringTest in the thread mentioned above I created a mini site, on its own sub-domain, that is palatable to a business mindset, and brutally overlaid a heading that says "Secrets of Mastering Excel" right over the top of the "You Suck at Excel" heading.


      Now I've got something I can recommend to business people without causing disharmony. And I can leave a link to it in my corporate email signature, to nudge others to improve their Excel game. Ideally the page would detect when the video starts and remove the label, so it doesn't obscure the video. Also, I'd like to write up a set of notes about the talk, but ain't nobody got time for that, so I've linked to the notes from Max Masnick. Perfect is the mortal enemy of done and they are locked in an ultimate death embrace and that is how storm clouds create lightning but I digress.