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It seemed to work for Seb, because it made him sound as immature as I thought he was, but it was somewhat annoying the rest of the time. Unfortunately like many misguided authors , this one also couldn't help herself from adding in just enough unnecessary tidbits of animal cruelty to ruin the story and make it impossible for me at least ,to continue.

Never Say Nevermore: Edgar Allan Poe's 10 Best Stories

I was enjoying the story and the narration very much so it was all the more disappointing that I had to stop. Any additional comments? I read this book when it first came out and simple loved it. Love the narrator's voice so when I saw it became an audio, it was a perfect choice. Poe, does a wonderful job bringing everyone to life for us, not just the events of the story, but the sub story, to feeling each person has, why the are having them, even if they aren't the main focus.

From the parrot that has something to share to Maggie that just loves. To Neil and Cal and the rest of the crew. And Derrick, the narrator does such an amazing job with all the different voices, from the whiny, to the women and everyone in between. Now I've read book two, so can't wait to hear it! Book is interesting and factually important in expanding one's knowledge of Poe. Towards the end it does become somewhat predictable. I was listening to this when I had a bad migraine and it was good enough to keep me distracted from the pain.

My only issue was that I guessed most of the "mystery" before it happened. I wont put spoilers here, but as they uncovered each revelation I had already noticed and was not surprised at all so I feel I spent most of the book waiting for them to see the obvious. This story is beautiful and romantic and erotic. Love Calvin and Sebastian together.

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And the narration is flawless. He is nasal, monotone and emphasises really odd parts of sentences and words. I'm really into murder mystery novels but find them very biased towards hetero characters. So I looked about and thought the premise of this novel was a bit amusing and the lgbt protagonist a welcome change. Within one chapter I was done with this book. The main character is utterly painful and emotionally vapid.

By chapter three I wanted him dead on the floor with a raven croaking "never more" over him. His interactions with the two love interests are totally underdeveloped and purely there to provide smut material; which is fine if this book was advertised as such. The manner at which Snow and Winter hookup is clumsy and poorly written. It's as though the author took a beat-sex experience amd then twisted it into some kind of perverse courtship, completely ignoring several stepping stones in character development to reach an outcome.

I will definitely not be looking out for this author again. Your audiobook is waiting…. By: C S Poe. Narrated by: Derrick McClain. Length: 7 hrs and 58 mins.

I'm Poe-pular: Edgar Allan Poe in Popular Culture | Book Riot

People who bought this also bought Southernmost Murder By: C. The Husband Gambit By: L. Galaxies and Oceans By: N. Smith Length: 8 hrs Unabridged Overall. Finders Keepers By: N. Publisher's Summary It's Christmas, and all antique dealer Sebastian Snow wants is for his business to make money and to save his floundering relationship with closeted CSU detective Neil Millett. What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. Amazon Reviews. Sort by:.

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Most Helpful Most Recent. Belen Morgan A Skye I'm not a mystery fan - but this was very good! So for the writing, mystery, romance - I'd give this a 3 of 5 stars and the narration 5 of 5 stars to round up to an overall experience of 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 people found this review helpful. Miareadsbooks Melbourne, Australia Brilliant narration! Texan2 Virginia Dee Slate Dennis Literary Laziness Antique store owner and amateur sleuth Seb Shaw makes so many stupid choices to put himself in danger instead of calling the police or that this is an extraordinarily frustrating read. Did not live up to my expectations Neither the story nor the narration really kept me interested in this book.

Had potential Unfortunately like many misguided authors , this one also couldn't help herself from adding in just enough unnecessary tidbits of animal cruelty to ruin the story and make it impossible for me at least ,to continue. Andrea Goodell One of the best audio's hands down Any additional comments? Richard N.

Hertz RENO Well done Mystery Book is interesting and factually important in expanding one's knowledge of Poe. Show More.

The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe read by Sir Christopher Lee

Kindle Fairy When we talk about old school we typically call to mind an era that was pre-TV and even pre-movie. Well, Poe was writing in an era that was pre- radio and practically pre-daguerreotype. With no Snopes or MythBusters, encyclopedias not readily available and religion the common if inconsistent arbiter of moral guidance, Poe was not after cheap frights so much as uncovering the collective unconscious. Put more plainly, this was a time when being accidentally buried alive was something that could conceivably occur. The reason Poe remains so convincing and unsettling is because he doesn't rely on goblins or scenarios that oblige the suspension of belief; he is himself the madman, the stalker, the outcast, the detective and, above all, the artist who made his life's work a deeper than healthy dive into the messy engine of human foibles, obsessions and misdeeds.

He stands alone, still, at the top of a darkened lighthouse, unable to promise a happy ending and half-insane from what he's seen. Here we celebrate Poe's ten greatest tales, but first, a brief sample of tales that don't quite make the cut, but warrant attention and approbation. Jorge Luis Borges loved it, Jules Verne was undoubtedly influenced and without this model, we may not have gotten our great white American novel.

If it's good enough for Melville, it's good enough for everyone. There's also the whole "cousin thing". The type of story O. Henry would make a career of, "The Oval Portrait" is an early "shocker" even though contemporary audiences will see the conclusion coming a mile away. Like "Pym", this one makes the cut if only for the eventual masterpiece it influenced, in this case Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray. It might be a stretch to say that "Hop-Frog" presaged all the slasher dramas of the '70s and '80s, but it's definitely a quite satisfying prototype of the abused outcast getting his revenge, equal parts Michael Myers and Black Sabbath's Iron Man --with grating teeth.

You almost have to transport yourself back to a time without electricity to fully appreciate Poe's achievement here. In terms of influence, Robert Louis Stevenson merrily declared he "broke into the gallery of Mr. Poe" for the creation of Treasure Island , and the bug bite instigating heightened awareness anticipates both "Spiderman" and "The Fly".

The extensive use of ciphers -- cryptography being a big fad of the time -- also may have inspired Zodiac the killer and the subsequent movie. Even the appallingly dated dialect of Jupiter is a prelude for the cruder moments of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. The sheer effort of imagination alone in seeing this one through requires that it be regarded as an important work. Another one that must be properly appraised as a product of its time, the fact is that, upon publication, this tale caused a public uproar because it was sufficiently believable. This tale employs the ostensibly scientific case study of a hypnotized patient who, in his mesmerized state, is able to exist in a surreal, inexplicable condition where he's dead but… still alive.

Once again, as preposterous as this sounds, today, and as outlandish as it clearly was, even in , it's a credit to Poe's masterful description, pacing and use of suspense that he actually pulled it off. Celebrated as the first modern detective story, Poe's hero C. One of the many Poe efforts made into an inferior, and terribly dated, film, it works best on the page. Using his powers of deliberation, Dupin is an undeniable model for Doyle's Sherlock Holmes.

Poe is in full command of his considerable powers here, employing the process of investigation and discovery, cleverly employed humor and terror, and a character who proves he's smarter than everyone else. In only a handful of other stories was Poe so deftly able to balance shock and humor, albeit of a very dark variety. Cognizant that the narrator is a scoundrel, it's difficult to pity his plight even as we shudder at the humiliation he suffers. Although not often described as such, "William Wilson" is a tour de force psychological case study of an unreliable narrator tortured by a deservedly conflicted sense of self.

Any questions? How about a slowly descending, foot-long razor ever-so-slowly descending from the ceiling, giving you plenty of time to think about how it will eventually and ever-so-slowly slice open down the middle?

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And that's just a basic summary. Here is a one of Poe's most fully realized attempts at "totality". Poe creates a complete atmosphere of terror, where the narrator and reader understands it's not random, his captors are very aware of the conditions they've created, making the tension difficult to endure. Where other stories describe, in often excruciating detail, the anguish inflicted on an overly sensitive individual, in this one Poe makes the reader acutely aware of their own senses: unable to see inside the pit, smelling the rats as they gnaw at the ropes, hearing the deliberate hiss of the pendulum, feeling the sweat frozen by the fear of death.

Another one that's easy to imagine Dostoyevsky studying, this time in the construction of his underground man Notes from Underground : an unreliable narrator, or a narrator so reliable - -and truthful -- that he indicts himself in the attempt to be understood, and pitied. As a study of horror, "The Tell-Tale Heart", perhaps Poe's most in famous story, seems tame to contemporary audiences. But as an examination of obsession and psychosis? The real fear an adult can derive from this story is not the narrator's brutality or even innocence, but his insistence that he's sane.

With understated irony, Poe decodes the self-deceived stratagem of our most dangerous sociopaths. Although if only considered an unrivaled allegory of death and its inevitability , that somewhat superficial analysis still sells this one short as a blistering critique of social stratification. The descriptions are so detailed that you can visualize everything perfectly.

Erin Laidley Top Reviewer 21 reviews. September 22, Since Nevermore first came out, I have seen tons and tons of reviews doting all over this book. I ignored it and found other great books, and some not so great, to read. I kept putting off buying it, because it just seemed like every other book with the similar plot that surrounds Nevermore.

Boy, was I wrong. Sure, without the paranormal aspect, Nevermore is almost exactly like Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles. Varen or Alex. But it is the writing that flies off the pages of Nevermore and haunts my dreams. I seriously dreamt about this book. And also, while I was driving a time or two, I daydreamed about getting home and finishing this book! I blame the intensity of this book. The awesomely, sexy intensity that is Varen Nethers and his insane notebook. It is beautifully written and exquisitely thought through. Like seriously, this story is awesome. Oh, Edgar.

Your name being anywhere near this book is the one reason I eventually picked it up. But Isobel.

Edgar Allan Poe's Quill Pen and Notebook

And Varen. And Gwen. And uh, did I mention Varen? Gwen had me laughing out loud half of the time, and Varen had me swooning the other half. So, I am now kicking myself for not picking this up sooner. And also, praying that Enshadowed goes on clearance soon so I can get it! Cause I'm cheap.

Horror & Suspense

Nevermore A Room with Books review. August 17, Can I just start by asking how in the world everyone who read this when it came out has managed to wait so long for a sequel?! When the story started, I thought I was going to end up hating her the entire time. But then she actually grows and changes throughout the course of the story becoming someone who can stand up for herself as well as others.

Can we just talk about Varen for a minute? Shall we talk about the paranormal aspect? Instead of being all BAM paranormaly stuff is going down, the supernatural elements slowly weave their way into the story. I really liked that. The Nutshell: Despite the size, Nevermore is likely to keep you enthralled the entire time. On top of the great paranormal world, the characters are great.

What could a chance hurt, anyway? Jasmine Top 10 Reviewer reviews. A nice try on combining paranormal with contemporary, but it plays out more as contemporary drama th. August 14, Not to say that was a bad thing because I really enjoyed the relationship between Isobel and Varen. I was just really disappointed in how little of the paranormal was actually in this book.

I was often left wondering where exactly Kelly was trying to go with this. Vi, Promotions Manager Top 50 Reviewer reviews. July 21, Updated: September 20, I found Nevermore in the library about a year and a half ago, but occasionally took it out to read again and again, because it was just so good. If I could describe this in three words, I'd say sweet, dark, and plain creepy.

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Well, that wasn't really three words, so scratch that. Generally with fiction, when an author writes about a character studying, reading, liking etc. Isobel is a very cute character. Although she's supposed to be a stuck-up cheerleader, she's a genuinely good person hint: ice cream shop scene , and not without her own baggage. She begins to defy the status quo after meeting Varen and becomes more independent somehow. On the other hand, Varen is a quiet Goth guy in the back of Isobel's English class. Oh, why is it always English, science, socials etc.

Why not. PE class? They could save each other from basketballs or something. Right now, you might think, hey, he's probably some outcast badboy, but nuh-uh, he's not. The preppy kids don't whisper behind Varen's back about how they secretly think he's cute despite his social standing. They genuinely despise him and have him completely alienated, for no apparent reason other than he doesn't fit in. But despite his somewhat intimidating image, he's actually a sweet guy who isn't all that freakish.

Lastly, I must applaud Kelly Creagh's deathly terrifying imagination. Edgar Allen Poe's world was written in exquisite detail and seemed absolutely perfect. I can't wait for Enshadowed to be released! Grace Lo Top Reviewer 35 reviews. Report this review Comments 1 Was this review helpful to you?

June 12, I decided to read Nevermore mainly because I have always loved Poe's works. I thought it would be an enjoyable story with a decent enough plot and characters. I was so surprised to find that it was in fact so much more than I expected. I loved loved loved every single page I read.

The story was incredible, very unique and exciting to read about, I was stunned when I got to the final or so pages of the book and Isobel entered into the dreamworld that was so well crafted, terrifyingly realistic. It is just the sort of world I love reading about, not quite realistic, but that follows a set of rules, so to speak, so that despite being unrealistic it is completely believable.

And it wasn't just the dreamworld that was beautifully created, the characters within it and outside of it were well-crafted, each having a distinct personality, while at first they seemed to all fall into their specific stereotypes, the cheerleader, backstabbing former best friend, the jock, cruel ex-boyfriend, and of course the main character, cheerleader who has it all, it wasn't long before the molds broke and I began to see them develop and change, and I was surprised, I had been expecting mediocre characters, not ones that actually developed.