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Haven't personally tested Interceptors, so I was working from hearsay - had been told both modules worked basically the same, but that they had different stats and did different amounts of damage to enemy ships and other fighter-sized craft. Was actually under the impression that Interceptors were better for anti-fighter duty, and fighters for hitting capital ships and we need Bombers still Our site uses cookies to offer a better browsing experience.

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LOG IN. Strike Craft Control. Hello Everyone, I finally was able to get fighters. Is there a way to order your strike craft?

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Can we have them Attack a target? Recall to Defend the home carrier?

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Escort a Friendly? Shoot down incoming missiles?

Stellaris Combat Theory (v2.0) - Carrier Operations (part 1)

No, no, no, no and no. Just do it. It was revealed last year that the Navy was keen to retain three Warrior-class ex-Minister-class strike craft as offshore patrol vessels OPV for as long as possible.

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The Navy subsequently decided to retain a fourth vessel in service as well, with all undergoing a Life Extension Programme. The four surviving strike craft, of nine originally received in the in the s and s, are being refurbished and converted into offshore patrol vessels by Durban-based Southern African Shipyards.

The work conducted on the vessels relates to electrical, mechanical and general hull maintenance and involves refurbishment, replacement and repainting. Having discharged all her fuel, oils and stores, the vessel was transferred to a floating dock and mounted on specially constructed cradles, where refurbishment began.

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That is why we must keep those vessels as long as we can when we can transfer crews from those to the new patrol vessels. Another motive for refurbishing the vessels is to allow them to be used in the training role. The patrol vessel fleet will be home-ported once the newly upgraded Naval Base Durban at Salisbury Island in the Port of Durban has been re-commissioned. Email address:.