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  3. Cost of Courage in Aztec Society: Essays on Mesoamerican Society and Culture by Inga Clendinnen.

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  • We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. The history of different people and how they lived in the past is majorly explained through their cultural way of life. People lived in different geographical localities, but due to similar ethic and racial background they shared a common background in terms of cultural, political, social, and religious beliefs. Aztec empire is one of the societies that lived in different geographical localities which included New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Nevada, but shared similar culture. The empire was formed by millions of people who migrated and settled in Mexico with most of them living in Tenochtitlan Pennock, Don't use plagiarized sources.

    The Aztec had a culture that was complicated although rich in religious and mythological beliefs. The people culture encompassed arts carvings on animals and religious images music, dressing, dance, drinks, sports, food, games, and rituals that could involve human sacrifice and they were transferred from one generation to the other. The Aztec empire believed that a family was the most important aspect that signified life and new generations.

    The family was composed of men, women, and children and each member had a specific duty towards the family. Men were responsible for looking for food through hunting and gathering of wild fruits. Women were left to cook food and do the weaving jobs while they took care of children during the day. Children or young boys were trained on how to hunt and gather fruits and foods by their fathers and some went to school.

    On the other hand, young girls were trained on how to do household chores by their mothers in addition to weaving. A family was started through tradition marriage that was conducted through ceremonies and was between young girls as young as fifteen years and men as young as eighteen years Pennock, Art was one of the ways the Aztec culture recorded information on different beliefs, religion, and war fare. The recordings helped the people to transfer their beliefs and cultiure to other generations so that they would be continuous from one generation to the other.

    Since in the early Aztec culture few technology on recording and preserving information were available, they recorded their information inform of paintings and writings on the bark of trees.

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    The writings and paintings were then stored in the temple and people could read and use the paintings to learn their history and they warfare encounter Smith, The art works was done using various themes such as insects, animals, fish, and plants. Moreover, others reflected religion beliefs and gods that were majorly placed in temples. Hence, art was important in the Aztec culture as it was used to record their activities and events that could be passed from one generation to the other.

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    Religion was evident in Aztec culture. The Aztec people worshipped different gods and goddess that were categorised according to their responsibilities. Since Aztec people were mainly farmers, they conducted rituals in form of ceremonies every year before planting so that they could ensure that they could get a good crop and harvest. The ceremonies involved human sacrifices that were dedicated to gods, Tezcatlipoca Hassig, The human sacrifices were obtained from children or prisoners that were captured during war with the neighbouring societies. They believed that human blood and heart was important so as to strengthened the gods and goddesses and bless them with good harvests in addition to their protection and conquering other societies to get more prisoners for human sacrifices.

    Moreover, they build large temples that were meant for performing the human sacrifices Smith, The Aztec empire also had a unique dress that was used to identify them with their culture that was part of art. The material of the dressing was mainly a beautiful fabric of bright colours that was intertwined and tailored to different designs. The bright colours and design were unique to Aztec people and helped them to identify with their culture. The wealthy class were characterised with the best qualities and designs as the commoner material quality was low. Dance was performed in line with religious and social activities in the society.

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    In some instances, dancing was performed as a religious ritual that was meant to please gods so that they could give blessings to the people and protect them from evil Dwyer et al, Moreover, the dance was also done to colour ceremonies that varied from entertainment to ritual ceremonies. The Indians titles from eBooks. Filter Results. Last 30 days. Last 90 days.

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    The Cost Of Courage In Aztec Society

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