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Experimental apparatus. The wheel rotates in the counterclockwise direction. Time-averaged nondimensional power and velocity values for pair A a , pair B b , and pair C c. Each color in each plot represents a different mass pair selection and the corresponding four points of each color represent different rotational velocity pairings. One pair is shown in solid lines, while the other is shown in dotted lines. Both tests use the same grains. Blue lines are for the big test and red lines are for the small test.

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Physics of Dry Granular Media

General scaling relations for locomotion in granular media James Slonaker, D. Abstract Inspired by dynamic similarity in fluid systems, we have derived a general dimensionless form for locomotion in granular materials, which is validated in experiments and discrete element method DEM simulations. Research Areas. Locomotion Scaling laws of complex systems.

Granular media friction explained: Da Vinci would be proud

Physical Systems. Granular materials.

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Interdisciplinary Physics Fluid Dynamics. Publisher's Note: General scaling relations for locomotion in granular media [Phys. E 95 , ] James Slonaker, D. In collaboration with L.

Tsimring's group at UCSD, we showed that the motion occurs due to the frictional collision of the rod with the driving plate Volfson This is a novel example of a granular rachet formed due to spontaneous symmetry breaking. More recently we have studying the dynamics of a single dimer on an osciallted plate. This is a simple generalization of the classic bouncing ball paradigm for period doubling and transition to chaos.

We observe several novel modes including a drift mode in which uphill drift motion can be induced by suitable choice of parameters Dorbolo Then, the maximum angle of stability of a cohesive pile was investigated using a rotating drum apparatus to understand the discrepancies noted in previous studies. We first showed the effect of the side walls by varying the width of the drum.

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The maximum angle of stability was then measured in the limit where side walls are unimportant. We developed a new liquid bridge model which takes into account the nature of the grain contacts and the cohesive force due to liquid bridges to show the grain size, system size, and surface tension behavior Nowak In this model, the friction between particles is considered less important compared to geometric stability of the particles. The experimental data is in excellent agreement with the prediction of our model. See the publications home page for cited references.

Experiments Velocity correlations in dense granular flows observed with internal imaging Sliding friction on a thin granular layer Bouncing Dimer Anisotropy driven vortices in vibrated granular rods Clustering in magnetized dipolar granular materials Flow and Stability of Wet Granular Matter Segregation transitions in wet granular matter Surface instabilities and flow in silos Velocity distributions and patterns formation in vibrated granular media Erosion and channelization Contact: Arshad Kudrolli akudrolli clarku.

Physics of Granular Materials Why are Brazil nuts found near the top of a can of mixed nuts? What causes an avalanche of rocks or snow? We may think of these systems as a collection of grains. The behavior of a single grain is easily understood, but the properties of a collection of grains is very complex. Granular materials when poured or shaken display a surprising range of collective behavior such as convection, size separation and pattern formation.

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Diffusion and surface flow instabilities inside silos We examined the gravity driven flow of granular materials inside a silo in collaboration with M. See more in Physics. Issue Vol. Authorization Required.

Physics of fluids - Granular impact jet (top view)

Log In. Figure 2 Experimental apparatus. Figure 3 The three different wheel pairs tested: pair A a , pair B b , and pair C c. Figure 4 Time-averaged nondimensional power and velocity values for pair A a , pair B b , and pair C c. Sign up to receive regular email alerts from Physical Review E. Journal: Phys.

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