Guide The Primary Afferent Neuron: A Survey of Recent Morpho-Functional Aspects

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For polling of PVDF tube, a tin wire inserted in the lumen of the PVDF tube served as an inner electrode and a circumferential array of steel needles served as the outer electrode. The outer needle electrodes were connected to the positive output of a voltage supply and the inner electrode was grounded. The voltage output was gradually increased to 21kV over a 2-h period and was maintained at that level for 12h,13 For sham groups, left sciatic nerves were exposed in midthigh but were not cut.

Neuron counts were performed using Hoechst Sigma,B H is a nonspecific nuclear stain allows excellent determination of nuclear morphology. At the end, the slides were washed 3 times for 5 min each in 0. From each section prepared images DP11 camera with X and X magnification, and normal nuclei were counted. Estimation of the ganglion performed using Cavalieri Principle,and direct measurements in a systemic random sample of 10 or more sections from each ganglion to permit calculation of the mean thickness and cross-sectional area using Olysia softwear.

Neuron loss was calculated by subtracting the number of neurons in in ipsilateral ganglion from that in their contralateral controls.

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Loss was then expressed as a percentage of the neuron count in the control ganglia. Twelve weeks after nerve repair the mean number of neurons present in the unoperated contralateral control ganglion L5 of untraeted was This was similar to the equivalent count in sham treated However by 12 weeks after direct epineurial suture repair, the mean number of neurons in the ipsilateral ganglion L5 was At 12 weeks neuron loss was not affected by sham treatment 2. The volume reduction in epineurial suture group was The present study shows that after 12 weeks from surgical nerve repair, sensory neuronal loss and reduction of ganglion volume decrease, but cannot prevent completely.

Although several previous studies have evaluated morphometric aspects of primary sensory neurons after axotomy, the conclusions of surgical nerve repair still remain controversial. Following peripheral nerve injury, there is a disruption in the supply of retrogradly transported neurotrophic factors, leading to neuronal cell death.

Ma et al. After nerve repair the Schwann cells surrounding the distal nerve stump will produce trophic molecules that are retrogradely transported to the cell bodies and will prevent neuronal atrophy and death. Many growth factors such as nerve growth factor, neurotrophin-3 and brain-derived neurotrophic factor act directly on sensory neurons to support their development, maintenance and regeneration. Axotomy caused a reduction in volume of L5 ganglion when compared with controls, and matches with the previously studies.

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Loss of volume may reflect both the reduction in volume of surviving neurons 5 and the actual loss of neurons. Reanastomosis between proximal and distal segment of the nerve can prevent neuronal atrophy 16 and subsequent death by providing early trophic support. In conclusion, the present study showed that surgical nerve repair can have an effect on maintanance of primary sensory neurons after direct epineurial suture. Such an effect, however, could not be demonestrated in the using of nerve guidance channel of PVDF. Himes BT, Tessler A. Death of some dorsal root ganglion neurons and plasticity of others following sciatic nerve section in adult and neonatal rats.

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The Primary Afferent Neuron: A Survey of Recent Morpho-Functional Aspects

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Morphometeric study of primary sensory neurons following surgical repair of sciatic nerve

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