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Many of its most important ideas are revealed in Bauhaus writings about theatrical performance and performance spaces.


Originally published in Germany in at the height of the Bauhaus movement's influence-- The Theater of the Bauhaus collects writings from some of the movement's most important figures and describes a theater stripped of history, moralism, scenery, and, for that matter, narrative itself. The Bauhaus group believed traditional theater to be little more than a vehicle for propaganda, with its "peep show stage" separating spectators from performers.

Das Triadische Ballet

They rejected as well the theater of ridicule and satire practiced by the Dadaists and Expressionists. In place of both traditional drama and the avant-garde that lampooned it, Oskar Schlemmer and his Bauhaus associates created an abstract theater of movement, color, light, form, and soundlanguage would be added later, once the stage had been purged of its "literary encumbrance.

Profusely illustrated and startling in its typography the work of Moholy-Nagy , the volume quickly became a collector's item and is now virtually unobtainable. Those interested in the stage, the modern visual arts, or in the bold steps of the men of genius who broadened the horizons of aesthetic experience will appreciate that this translation is available again.

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Box Marietta, PA Imagen del editor. From Bauhaus experiments there emerged a new aesthetic of stage design and presentation, a new concept of "total theater. Some rubbing to covers; art museum ex-lib.