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You are advised to review this third-party's privacy and security practices. Choose Your Lender Start your application off right by choosing one of our mortgage lending professionals. Rapid design and publishing of skills Easy lightweight skill designer allows business analyst to choreograph the interaction and orchestration of multiple skills to create higher value advanced skills that are discoverable to an intelligent automation platform.

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Monitor and analyze skills Collection of supervised learning input creates a knowledgebase where document analytics can be monitored, allowing administrators to adjust and improve the processing over time. ALL features.

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How it works Design and publish skills, making them discoverable to an automation platform, and your digital workforce smarter. Use cases. Customer on-boarding Vantage provides the digital worker robot with the skills that allow them to automatically read documents, route those documents to the right user or process, and enable employees to take action to on-board new customers.

Loan processing By leveraging Vantage skills, digital workers automating an application process become smarter. For instance, a digital worker using Vantage classification and extraction skills as part of a loan process can automate the understanding and routing of loan documents to minimize human involvement. Finance transactions Vantage facilitates back office finance transactions such as orders and other finance related documents, extracting finance details, and integrating the data back into a finance review process.

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Logistics Create a new set of digital workers with right skills to identify and process shipping instructions, waybills, receipts and orders for identifying cargo. Claims processing Build a new set of digital workers to augment your claims process, eliminating human error and speeding up the processing with the handling of claims documents.

Download white paper. Industry insight into how Content IQ powers robotic processes. Request demo Request information Just fill out the form and we will reach out to you shortly. First name.

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The acclaimed Thompson Vantage full-flat bed offers maximum passenger comfort whilst maintaining cabin density. An innovative and highly efficient design, the Vantage is adaptable across all Airbus and Boeing single and twin aisle aircraft platforms. The Thompson Vantage seat has already proven highly successful and reliable in service, resulting in market-leading low cost of total ownership.